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  • 11-08-2022: Book an Appointment to view Irwell Hill Residences Show Flat and get Direct Developer Price + Discounts.
  • 29-04-2022: Make an appointment to see why its one of the best selling project in District 9
  • 11-04-2022: Magnificent Development With 137,000 sqft Land, Landscaping And Facilities
  • 31-07-2021: 5 Min Walk To Upcoming Great World MRT, Minutes Walk To Orchard
  • 10-01-2021: Take a look at the newly added Elevation Chart.
  • 25-12-2020: The Irwell Hill Residences Gallery have been updated. Check them out!
  • 08-11-2020: Full Irwell Hill Residences E-Brochure is now available to be downloaded.
  • 12-05-2020: Updated Site Plan for Irwell Hill Residences released.
  • 27-04-2020: Irwell Hill Residences Location Map have been updated.
  • 16-03-2020: Full Project Details for Irwell Hill Residences have been updated!
  • 08-02-2020: Read more on the developers behind the development of Irwell Hill Residences.
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